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Alamir For Syhntitic Faibers

Al Amir
Shade Net & Protection

The toughest shade and protection net

About Us

Al Amir Shade Net & Protection has a good reputation among investors and farmers.

We did not lose a single customer since we started our work, and we are gaining new customers day after day due to our product quality, competitive prices, credibility and punctuality.
Al Amir Shade Net & Protection is a leading company in the field of producing and manufacturing shading and protection nets in high quality according to international standards.
The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
The company has gained an excellent reputation in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets by producing various types of shade and protection nets subject to strict quality control in all production stages.
In order to achieve the highest possible quality, the company tests the nets in the specialized laboratories of the Ministries of Agriculture and Industry according to international quality standards.
Al Amir nets are an effective means of creating the right environment for nurseries and protected agriculture which allows light to pass and spread depending on the degree shade and various colors that suit different agriculture purposes. This leads to increased production by controlling the vegetative growth factors such as leaf size, branch length and date of blossoming. Protection nets also limit the penetration of white flies and thrips through manufacturing nets with certain openings that prevent the passing of viruses, other methods are being developed to limit the penetration of viruses and insects.
The company also provide a wide range of shading nets, cold protection nets, pest control protection nets, sacks for filling agricultural crops, sacks to protect dates from date wasps and insects and all types of artesian well net filters in various colors and sizes suitable for all soil types.


Cultivate throughout the year with Al Amir net

Our Capabilities

The size of the investments of Al Amir Company for Shade Net & Protection in the Egyptian market ranges between 15 to 20 million Egyptian pounds in this field.

We have about 100 workers who have full loyalty to the company, as we have not lost any of our clients or workers.

Our company has exported to Sudan, Libya, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Nigeria and Yemen.

Al Amir Shade Net & Protection is ISO 9001 certified.

Our Advantages

Due to market competition and price conflict, we are distinguished as we have a good experience in this field and we can provide an integrated vision for farmers.

For example: each plant needs a different type of net, whether vegetables, fruits, citrus or trees.

We determine the best net type for each plant. We also import our raw materials from the largest companies in Saudi Arabia. We choose high density polyethylene and the best raw material additives to resist UV rays.

We choose materials that help increase durability of net shade, which usually ranges from 5-7 years.

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Saturdays through Thursdays;  8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Those who used the shade net should be proud because they are using Al Amir Shade Net & Protection.

Eng/ Amir Hamdy, Chairman

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