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Why do we resort to shade nets in production instead of open area cultivation?

It is known that outdoor agriculture for fruits and vegetables as well as ornamental plants have many disadvantages and limitations. These reduce yield and result in low quality crop. For instance, cultivated acres gives 40 tons for tomatoes in open area cultivation, while agricultural production in greenhouses gives about 150 tons, the acre of cucumber in outdoor cultivation gives 8 tons, while in agro shade net the acre gives 90 tons. 

The most important crops that use shading and protection nets are peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, grapes, pomegranates, citrus, banana, mango, loquat, strawberries and ornamental plants.

Why producers do not resort to greenhouses crops as an alternative to open area cultivation?

Because it is fairly expensive. Instead, vegetable and fruit farms are cultivated in agricultural greenhouses from 100-200 acres. The cost of one greenhouse on an acre is 50-60 thousand pounds. We realize that this shift needs high financial capacity, but the return is huge and covers all greenhouse costs. 
In conclusion, the value of quality in the netting industry is not only in threads but also in the fabric process. The holes in the nets and the proportion of shading and lighting can increase productivity or destroy the whole farm. There is a type of net has certain holes, Al Amir factory is the only factory that produce this type of net.

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