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شبك تظليل أبيض أنتى فيرس لتغطية الخيار.J

Al-Amir Company is one of the leading companies in the Middle East in the field of high-density polyethylene shading nets for the agricultural sector to provide the appropriate microclimate and environment conditions to the plants (seedlings - vegetables - fruits - ornamental plants)

Shading nets for the agricultural sector, 40%, 50%, 63%, 65%, 73% and 80%. This is used to cover plant nurseries to provide the appropriate environment for the growth of all kinds of seedlings and protect them from insect infestation. Al-Amir factories also produce the super white nets with wide openings of all types, colors and sizes to protect fruit trees (mango - banana - citrus - tangerine - loquat - pomegranate - pear - grape) to protect trees from frost and wind in winter and from high temperatures in summer and prevents insects and birds from approaching the trees and thus reduces the loss of the crop and increases productivity. 

The white super net is produced in width from 1 meter to 12 meters without stitches or connections in order to increase from its life span, and this is an exclusive feature in Al-Amir white super net.

The company also produces white anti-virus nets 40 mesh and 50 mesh to protect all kinds of vegetables (tomatoes - green peppers and colors - cucumbers - beans - and leaves).

Anti-virus nets is produced by using projectile technology, which makes it a high quality product with openings that prevent the entry of whiteflies and thrips, and at the same time, it is well ventilated and prevents high humidity inside the greenhouse. Factories also produce anti-hill mesh 40 grams, reinforced from the sides to reinforce each meter to ensure a longer life.